Robi Minute Offers | Robi Call Rate 2022

Are you looking for Robi minute offers then you have come to the right place. Here you will get Robi minutes packs. Below are the lowest call rate offers and minute offers.

Robi Minute Offers 2022

Our offers can be the best offer for you.
Below is the minute offer collected from Robi’s official website. Buy and enjoy the offer of your choice.

MinutesPriceValidityOnline Buy
85 Minute59 Tk7 DaysBuy Now
210 Minute146 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
65 Minute43 Tk4 DaysBuy Now
95 Minute64 Tk7 DaysBuy Now
300 Minute199 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
42 Minute27 Tk2 DaysBuy Now
220 Minute144 Tk15 DaysBuy Now
120 Minute78 Tk7 DaysBuy Now
320 Minute207 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
250 Minute169 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
12 Minute9 Tk12 HrBuy Now
19 Minute14 Tk16 HrBuy Now
450 Minute278 Tk28 DaysBuy Now
470 Minute244 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
840 Minute507 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
495 Minute298 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
10 Minute8 Tk12 HrBuy Now
500 Minute307 Tk300 DaysBuy Now
650 Minute398 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
1600 Minute997 Tk30 DaysBuy Now
35 Minute28 Tk1 DayBuy Now
48 Minute33 Tk3 DaysBuy Now
21 Minute16 Tk1 DayBuy Now
180 Minute108 Tk7 DaysBuy Now
  • All Robi Prepaid and Postpaid customers are eligible for the offer.
  • After the expiry of the bundle, you will be charged from the base rate
  • To check the minute’s balance, dial *222*2#
  • A 10-second pulse is applicable.
  • Auto-renew is not applicable to the pack.
  • Price is including govt levy

Robi Call Rate Offer 2022

With Robi call rate offers, you can talk for longer at a lower call rate. Below are all the 60p/minute rate cutter offers.

  • 66p/min recharge 21 taka validity 2 days
  • 66p/min recharge 39 taka validity 6 days
  • 66p/min recharge 49 taka validity 7 days
  • 66p/min recharge 109 taka validity 30 days
  • 66p/min recharge 166 taka validity 60 days
  • 60p/min recharge 208 taka validity 90 days


  • Eligible for all Robi call rate recharge offers.
  • A trust call rate is applicable to local numbers only.
  • This offer can be redeemed multiple times during the campaign.
  • Long-term will prevail in case of multiple recharges.
  • The special call rate will be activated immediately after recharge.
  • This special call rate is not applicable on bonus minutes and bundle minutes. Bonus minutes and bundle minutes will be used first.
  • Lower call rates will be applicable for FNF and Favorite numbers.
  • All these offers are collected from Robi’s official website.

Robi minute pack 30 days

Here are some minute pack offers for 30 days of Robi. Buy and enjoy the offer of your choice.

Robi minute pack 30 daysPriceOnline Buy
210 Minute146 TkBuy Now
300 Minute199 TkBuy Now
320 Minute207 TkBuy Now
250 Minute169 TkBuy Now
470 Minute288 TkBuy Now
840 Minute507 TkBuy Now
495 Minute298 TkBuy Now
500 Minute307 TkBuy Now
650 Minute398 TkBuy Now
1600 Minute997 TkBuy Now

Dial *222*2# to check the remaining minute’s balance.

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These were some of Robi’s minute offers and call rate offers, purchase your favorite offer from here and enjoy. We are constantly posting all the information about Robi. All information given here is collected from Robi’s official website. We always give you accurate information. We apologize for any mistakes in our post.

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