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Many of us use Robi SIM and consequently, we require the required codes of Robi SIM to access the essential information on Robi SIM. Not everyone can remember all the codes all of the time.

Today’s post will help you solve this issue. In this article, we will look into Robi Balance Check Number.

Robi balance check

At present, many people in our country use Robi SIM and check the balance before buying internet or minutes of any SIM. For this, a balance checking code or number is required.

Install The My Robi App to your smartphone and, once you’ve signed to the app using the Robi number, you’ll receive all the information about your Robi SIM all in one app and you will be able to check your Robi balance without dialing or code issues.

Robi Balance Check Code

To check the Robi SIM balance Go to the phone’s dial pad, and then enter the Robi balance checking code *1# or *222#. Hopefully, you will receive the result you want.

Robi Minute Balance Check Code

Robi customers must be aware of the minute balance code. Dial *222*2# in order to verify the Robi minute balance.

Robi SMS Balance Check Code

Many customers would like to know the Robi SMS balance check codes. If you aren’t sure of the Robi SMS balance check code, simply dial *222*10# and *222*20#.

Robi SIM Emergency Balance Check Code

Robi Emergency Balance Check Code is *123*007#

Robi number check code

Robi number check code is *140*2*4#


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