Robi balance check | Robi balance check code

Robi balance check, Robi balance check code – Many of us don’t know how to check Robi SIM balance, so in today’s post, we will tell you how to check Robi balance. Robi Balance Check Code I will give you all the information about all the methods to check the balance. So if you want to know the remaining balance of your Robi SIM and how you can check the balance, then read our full post carefully.

Robi balance check

Robi balance can be checked in two ways. You can check the remaining balance of your Robi SIM from the Robi balance check USSD and My Robi app. Checking Robi balance is easy, but many of us can’t remember it because we use multiple SIMs. Below is all the information on how to check the balance.

Robi balance check code

If you want to check the current balance of your Robi SIM, then you can check your balance with this USSD code * 222 #.

Robi main balance check code * 222 #

How to check

  • First, open the dial pad of your mobile.
  • Then dial This code (* 222 #).
  • Then call to confirm your SIM.
  • Now, the main balance of your Robi SIM will be displayed in front of you.
  • Hope you understand how to check Robi Sim balance.

Robi Emergency Balance Check Code

If you are a Robi user and want to know the emergency balance of your Robi SIM. Then you can easily check your Robi Emergency Balance through our code.

To know Robi Emergency Balance, dial * 1 # or ** 222 #
You can check your emergency and current balance by dialing this code.

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Check balance through the My Robi app.

You can easily check your remaining balance through The my Robi app. Here you can check the original balance and emergency balance, and all other balances.

  • First, you must go to the Play Store and download the My Robi app.
  • Now open the My Robi app account with your Robi number.
  • You can see Robi Original Balance and Emergency Balance on the homepage.
  • From there, you will know your current Robi balance.

I hope you understand how to check your Robi Sim balance. You can easily check your Robi balance through these two methods. We always give you the correct information. You can follow our Facebook page to get more information about all SIM cards.

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