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Bukan Satu Kali CapCut Template

This is Bukan Satu Kali CapCut Template Download Link Post. Do you like creating videos using CapCut templates? Then, you have come to the right place because we regularly share new CapCut templates. Currently, the Bukan Satu Kali CapCut template is trending on social media. You can use this new template. Currently, the videos made with this template are going viral. The video you make can also go viral. Read our full post to get all the information on how to get and use the template.

Bukan Satu Kali CapCut Template Link

CapCut templates have become a viral trend in social media these days. CapCut is a free popular video editing app, and they share templates regularly. A few days ago, CapCut shared a new template on their official website. This template uses amazing music and effects. So far, 1.69M+ videos have been created with this template. Editing videos using templates is very easy. As you probably know, templates can create a video in just a few minutes. Below is the template.

Click on the Use Template in CapCut button below to get the template.

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How to use the Bukan Satu Kali CapCut Template

  1. First, click on the red button above the Use Template in CapCut.
  2.  You will then be automatically redirected to the Bukan Satu Kali CapCut Template.
  3.  Then, the template will appear in front of you. You can play the template if you want.
  4.  Then click on the Use Template in the CapCut option below. Then, the CapCut app will automatically open.
  5.  Then click on the Use Template option at the bottom right.
  6.  Then select 5 images from your mobile gallery. After selecting the images you want to make a video with, click on the next option.
  7.  Wait for the loading effects process to finish.
  8.  The video created with your Bukan Satu Kali template will play automatically. Check if the video is created correctly.
  9.  If the video is created correctly, click on the Export button at the top right.
  10.  Then, select the resolution of the video according to your choice. 720 pixels is enough. You can also select 1080 pixels if you want.
  11.  Click on the Export without Watermark option below to save the video to your phone without a watermark.
  12.  Wait until the video is exported. Once exported, you will get the video in your phone gallery.
  13. ย If you have TikTok installed on your phone, you will automatically be taken to the post-video option on TikTok. You can post the video on TikTok if you want.

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All templates shared on our website are collected from the official website of CapCut. We apologize for any mistakes in our post.
Thanks for reading the full article.

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