Banglalink Minute Offer | Banglalink Minute Pack 2022

Banglalink Minute Offer – If you are looking for Banglalink minute offers, then you have come to the right place. You will get all the updated minutes offers of Banglalink in this post. We usually purchase minute offers for lower cost and more talk time. Minute offers are usually available at a much lower price than the balance deducted from the call rate. Below are all the minute packs.

Banglalink Minutes Offer 2022

These offers are collected from the official website of Banglalink, so there is no possibility of any mistake. Enjoy the offer by purchasing your choice.

19 minutes Tk 12 validity 2 days Dial *121*12#

28 Minutes Rs.17 Validity 2 Days Dial *121*17#

45 minutes Tk 27 validity 3 days Dial *121*27#

55 minutes Tk 37 validity 4 days Dial *121*37#

90 Minutes Tk 57 Duration 7 Days Dial *121*57#

120 minutes Tk 74 validity 7 days dial *121*74#

160 minutes Tk 97 validity 7 days Dial *166*97#

175 minutes Tk 107 validity 10 days Dial *121*107#

190 Minutes Tk 117 Duration 15 Days Dial *121*117#

230 minutes Tk 157 validity 30 days Dial *121*157#

300 minutes Tk 197 validity 30 days Dial *166*197#

340 minutes Tk 207 validity 30 days Dial *121*207#

460 minutes Tk 297 validity 30 days Dial *566*297#

510 minutes Tk 307 30 days Dial *121*307#

  • All Prepaid and Call & Control customers can avail of these offers.
  • You can purchase these offers through recharge or USSD provided by us.
  • With these offers, you can talk to any local number (24 hours a day).
  • You will get these offers inside banglalink digital app.

Banglalink Minute Check Code

If you want to know the remaining amount of Banglalink minute balance after purchasing Banglalink minute offers, then Dial *121*100# Banglalink will tell you your remaining minute balance within a few moments.

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Banglalink Recharge Minute Offer

  • 59 paisa/minute period 3 days Recharge 29 taka
  • 59 paisa/min period 5 days recharge 39 taka
  • 59 paisa/minute period 7 days recharge 59 taka
  • 59 paisa/minute period 10 days recharge 79 taka
  • 59 paisa/min period 30 days recharge 109 taka
  • 59 paisa/minute period 60 days recharge 159 taka
  • 69 paisa/minute period 30 days Recharge 69 taka


  • All Prepaid and Call & Control customers can avail of this offer.
  • These offers can be availed 24 hours for all local calls.
  • The pack can be purchased by recharging a certain amount of money.
  • These offers can also be purchased through the mybl app
  • After recharging the specified amount, the main account will be credited, and all the benefits will be activated.
  • After the expiry of the special call rate offer validity period, the call rate based on the previous offer/package will be re-applicable.

These were the minute’s offers of Banglalink. Buy and enjoy the offers of your choice. Here are Banglalink Recharge Minute Offer, Banglalink Minute Offer Pack, New Banglalink Minute Offer, Banglalink Minute Package, Banglalink Minute Pack, Banglalink Minute Offer 2022, and Banglalink Minute Check Code. You will get all these types of offers here.

Banglalink is the second largest network operator in Bangladesh. Banglalink has the second number of subscribers in Bangladesh. We are constantly posting all the information related to Banglalink. We collect all the information from Banglalink’s official website, so there is no possibility of any mistake, We always give you accurate information. If you want to get all the latest Banglalink information, then stay with us. We apologize for any mistakes in this article.

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